About Us

The Songwriters’ Network is a network of career-minded songwriters, musicians, artists, and music industry professionals supporting each other through network events, seminars, showcases, and collaboration.

How SongNet got started.

Mission Statement

“TheSongNet.org, The Songwriters’ Network, seeks to establish, develop, promote, and sustain for the songwriting community in Los Angeles, and for the global songwriting virtual “cyber-community”, free and low-cost access to the tools required to improve their craft, build successful careers, host and promote workshops and events, and most importantly give back to the world better music, better lyric, greater positive, wholesome, uplifting, sincere, and genuine musical and artistic creation and expression.”

If you are interested in speaking to our network of songwriters, musicians, and artists from your experiences in the music industry, please contact us. We are interested in hearing from everyone in the music process, from songwriting, to recording, to production and distribution, to marketing, promotion and performance.

Industry speakers please contact Jimi Yamagishi using the Contact Form.

The Songwriter’s Network Email Group and Forum Policy.

Participation in the The Songwriter’s Network (SongNet) group email communications and any other publicly accessible communications is a privilege of membership. It is LA SongNet’s policy to maintain unmoderated discussion between the members, however, LA SongNet reserves the right to monitor and moderate those communications for appropriateness. When necessary, LA SongNet will moderate those communications to ensure that the LA SongNet mission and goals are served.

LA SongNet encourages the exchange of bona fide and on topic ideas and messages between its members and within all its communications. Member announcements, such as calendars of events, show and conference announcements, and media releases are allowed within reason and encouraged to provide intramember support.

Specific reasons for moderating a member’s communications are:

1. Excessive posting of unsolicited commercial advertising (SPAM). Multi-level marketing SPAM will not be tolerated. Legitimate commercial communications benefitting members is not restricted.

2. Participation in or initiation of ‘flame-baiting’, slander, libelous statements, and unsupported negative communication. Bona fide debate is not restricted.

3. Excessive off topic messages

Please send comments, ideas, and suggestions to us using the Contact Form.

Thank you.